Happy Meals

McDonald’s Might Soon Spoil Your Children With Toys On Demand Cranked Out By 3D Printers

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Mcdonald's wants to give brats a chance to swap out unwanted toys for fresh 3D printed figures at restaurants everywhere. A poor idea or genius marketing?


Bill Gates Is Not A Fan Of Tech Sector “Charity”

By | 12 Comments

Bill Gates has a few choice words for tech companies putting the Internet over, say, malaria.


Netflix now has more paid subscribers than HBO, says report

By | 15 Comments

While Netflix has long refused to release <a href="http://www.theverge.com/pages/2013%2F7%2F23%2F4547398%2Fviewer-interest-in-netflix-original-programs-still-a-mystery" target="_blank">viewership data</a>, according to a <a href="http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-10-21/netflix-poised-to-pass-hbo-in-paid-u-s-subscribers.html" target="_blank">new report in Bloomberg</a>, Netflix has passed HBO in paid subscribers.


Stephen Colbert’s Attempt To Top The Fox News Deck Had So Many Violent Repurcussions

By | 4 Comments

Stephen Colbert attempted to exceed the absurdity of The Fox News Deck with series of doomed upgrades to his own studio.


Here’s Your ‘People Unlocking The iPhone 5s In Wacky Ways’ Roundup

By | 5 Comments

Let's watch people squish their fleshy bits against the iPhone 5s!


No, You Shouldn’t Buy An iPhone 5S

By | 9 Comments

The iPhone 5S is gorgeous and advanced. The iPhone 5c is a minor upgrade to the great iPhone 5. And you shouldn't buy either. Here's why.


Why Robots Won't Replace Minimum Wage Workers Any Time Soon

By | 15 Comments

Whenever workers strike, people talk about replacing them with robots. So here's a lesson in technology... and market forces.


Top Government Scientist: Computer Technologically Will Stop Advancing In 2025

By | 6 Comments

According to Moore's Law, processor speeds will double every two years. DARPA thinks that'll stop being the case a decade from now.

driverless cars

Will Google Ever Sell Its Driverless Cars To The Public?

By | 4 Comments

A fake press release tricked many into thinking Google was about to sell driverless cars... but could that actually happen?


London’s Brent Council Is Replacing Its Receptionists With A Hologram Named Shanice

By | 3 Comments

The council of London's borough of Brent is replacing human receptionists with a hologram that has a limited ability to answer questions.

citizen journalism

Video: Watch The First Ever Fight And Arrest Recorded On Google Glass

By | 12 Comments

A documentary filmmaker named Chris Barrett believes that he caught the first ever fight and arrest recorded on Google Glass on a boardwalk in New Jersey.


Doug Engelbart, Inventor Of The Mouse, Has Passed Away At Age 88

By | 3 Comments

An icon in the field of the development of modern computers and the inventor of the mouse, Doug Engelbart passed away last night at the age of 88.

operating systems

Windows 8.1: The Five Most Exciting New Features

By | 9 Comments

Windows 8.1 is an overhaul of Windows 8... and it has a few interesting additions.

future shock

MIT Professor Insists Technology Is Killing Jobs

By | 15 Comments

Meet Erik Brynjolfsson. He thinks he knows why you can't get a job: Namely, robots.

creepy crap on the internet

Can Google Stamp Out Child Porn On The Internet For Good?

By | 9 Comments

Google is out to stop one of the nastiest uses the Internet is put to. But can it?


PRISM: Why You Should Care, Even If You Have ‘Nothing To Hide’

By | 15 Comments

PRISM is a lot more than a threat to your privacy, but on that level, yeah, you should be worried about that, too.


Why The PS4 Is ‘Beating’ The Xbox One Before Either Has Come Out

By | 74 Comments

The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are going head to head this holiday, and the Xbox One is already at a PR disadvantage. But why?

government surveillance

PRISM: Why We Have No One But Ourselves To Blame And How To Avoid It

By | 13 Comments

PRISM is the government directly spying on you... and you agreed to all of it, whether you knew it or not. The good news is there's a way out.


Amazon’s Proposed New Headquarters Resembles A Giant Set Of Balls

By | 14 Comments

Amazon would like to build a few big round smooth... steel and glass structures in downtown Seattle.

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