The Coolest High-Tech Hotels To Visit In 2019

03.30.19 5 months ago

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The first time I stayed in a smart hotel room, I didn’t know it was high-tech. Swanky? Absolutely — with gorgeous herringbone oak floors, a warm but minimal aesthetic, and a dreamy marble soaking tub — but not space-aged. Not next-level. Then, the first morning of my stay, when I was reaching for my alarm so I could throw it across the room, I accidentally hit a mystery button next to the bed. Behold, the curtains started to gently and quietly open, filling the room with filtered sunlight, bit by bit. The gauzy inner curtain parted next, and suddenly I was soaked in daylight.

This was just the first of many discoveries I made in that room, a peek into the rapidly advancing world of hotel technology.

As technology makes traveling across the world easier, it’s also making hotels more comfortable. This isn’t about cold futurism and harsh lines — it’s about creating an experience. From the practical tech, like easy-to-learn ambiance settings, to experimental advances, like robot butlers, technology is becoming an intrinsic part of every successful hotel stay.

Here are the best high tech hotels you should stay at in 2019.

Aloft, Cupertino, California

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Специально для Вас #ОТЕЛЬЭКСПО выбрал 5 #отелей мира с самыми оригинальными решениями по #автоматизации и #IT -В #AloftCupertino в Калифорнии полотенца к бассейну Вам принесет #робот-дворецкий, а закуски в Ваш номер доставит робот #Boltr, предварительно предупредив о доставке по телефону – В #Yotel в Нью-Йорке Вас встретит и разместит Ваш багаж в ячейке для хранения робот по имени Yobot – В #Hotel1000 в Сиэтле Вы можете поиграть в виртуальный гольф на одном из 50 лучших полей мира – В #SingaporeSentosa Cove в Сингапуре Вы можете поплавать в ритме музыке в открытом бассейне, оснащенном подводными динамиками – В #HennaHotel в Японии Вас встретит робот-администратор на ресепшн, сложить вещи поможет робот-гардеробщик, а экскурсию по отелю проведет робот – экскурсовод. А какие высокотехнологичные решения по автоматизации и IT использует или собирается использовать Ваш отель? Делитесь в комментариях под фото!

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Of course you’re going to find a “very modern tech-oriented hotel” in Silicon Valley, the heart of the American tech industry. That should be a given. But what you may find surprising is that the Aloft Cupertino’s high-tech experience goes beyond their beloved concierge robots, which drop off pillows and toiletries right at your door.

Instead, imagine a hotel where you can download an app that allows you to skip the check-in and instead use your phone or Apple Watch to walk straight to your room and open the door. If you’re really not a talker, you can text the front desk using emojis to order room service, which they call Aloft TiGi (text it, get it). You can also use their chatbot, ChatBotlr, to ask for information via text, so if you feel like making someone (or something) else looking up the weather for you, Aloft is your hotel.

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