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A Woman Crashed Her Car Into A Church And Stabbed Her Husband Over NASCAR

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After crashing her car through the doors of a church, a Tennessee woman stabbed her husband over a NASCAR race because she said the devil was in her.


Orlando Shaw, Man Who Fathered 22 Kids With 14 Women, Might Get A Reality Show

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Orlando Shaw, the man who fathered 22 kids with 14 women, claims to have signed a deal for his very own reality show.


A Doctor In Tennessee Diagnosed A Female Patient With ‘Ghetto Booty’

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After visiting an orthopedic center for back pain, a Tennessee woman was told by the doctor that she in fact had a case of "ghetto booty."


Frotcast 120: Looper, Buttchugging, Matt Ufford answers your relationship questions

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Listen on the player above, or <a href="" target="_blank">download this week's episode as an mp3 here</a> (right-click, "save as.

constitutional rights do not work that way

Tennessee Forgets First Amendment, Bans ‘Offensive Images’


We've already reported on just how out of touch the Tennessee legislature is with reality, <a href="">namely by making sharing your Netflix password a crime</a>.


Another Reason Not To Live In Tennessee


When I was a younger man, a man much older and wiser (maybe) once explained to me why I should never even consider stepping foot in the state of Tennessee.


George Takei Makes Twitter A Better Place


Anyone with a Twitter account should be following <a href="">George Takei</a>, who famously played Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek, and yet of the millions of people Tweeting, only 170,000 are following him.


Rapture Postponed. Now What?


Rapture Postponed Again Shockingly, Harold Camping was wrong and the "approximately 200 million" people he predicted would ascend to Heaven didn't get raptured after all.


Comic Book Stores Should Also Beware Green Lantern’s Light


A "Green Lantern Animated Light Up Display" to promote Green Lantern #50 and the movie started a fire at Rick's Comic City in Nashville, Tennessee, reports Jim Lee and Scott Williams' artwork (pictured on the left side of the banner picture).

Comic Books

Police Tell Wanna-be Superhero To Stop His Nonsense

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It seems like there's been a rash of people pretending to be superheroes recently.


Won’t Somebody Think of the Drinking Birds?

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Weird News From Europe Dozens of starling birds found dead in Romania caused a bit of a kerfuffle, with local residents worrying about a bird flu epidemic.


Will Apple Go Nintendo? And What’s Up With Cartoon Facebook Avatars?


Rumors have been circulating for a couple of months that Apple might enter the console gaming market next year when they add application support to the Apple TV.


Real Life Kick-Ass Prefers To Be Called The Viper

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20 year old chemistry and art major and comic book nerd Christian Tyler Hardee was stopped by police at 12:30 a.



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It's that time of the year where local news stations do heartwarming puff pieces for the holiday season.

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