A Tornado Photobombed A Couple’s Badass Wedding Photos

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A tornado is the perfect wedding guest (so long as it's wayyyyyyyyyy far away).


Drone Footage Shows Just How Destructive The Tornadoes That Hit Arkansas & Oklahoma Over The Weekend Were

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This drone footage was taken right after a tornado struck Mayflower, AR, yesterday. And it eloquently shows just how awful this tragedy was.


Powerful Tornadoes Ripped Through Southern Illinois Today And The Internet Has Plenty Of Photos

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Scenes from today's devastating tornadoes across Illinois. Powerful storm system still a threat to other states. Let's hope everyone is safe.


There Was A Tornado At The Denver Airport And The Photos Are Intense

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Travelers busted out their camera phones to capture some intense images of a tornado that touched down on the runway at the Denver airport earlier today.


A Veteran Reporter Lost It Live On The Air Reporting On The Carnage In Oklahoma

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Oh man this is hard to watch. Veteran reporter Lance West just loses it reporting on the aftermath of the devastating tornado in Oklahoma.


Watch Incredible Footage Of The Oklahoma Tornado Going From 0 To 200 MPH In Seconds

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See footage of the Oklahoma tornado form and devastate in seconds.


Oklahoma Tornado Rescue Volunteers Can Wear Whatever They Want

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A CNN reporter interviewed a rescue volunteer in Oklahoma after today's devastating tornado, and his shirt caught more attention than his noble efforts.


President Obama Pledges ‘All Available Assistance’ To Oklahoma Tornado Relief

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In the aftermath of today's devastating Oklahoma tornadoes, President Obama and FEMA have offered relief assistance to people in Moore and Oklahoma City.


Today’s Oklahoma Tornadoes ‘3 Times Worse’ Than May 3, 1999


For perspective, KFOR's chief meteorologist Mike Morgan said that today's Oklahoma tornadoes were 'three times' as bad as those of May 3, 1999.


‘The Most Destructive Tornado In The History Of The World’

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Oklahoma City and the suburb Moore have been hit by major tornadoes today as others still moving through cities.


Joplin, Missouri Is A Tragic Mess


On the second day after a gigantic tornado ripped apart Joplin, Missouri, 116 are confirmed dead, making it the deadliest single tornado in U.


President Trump?

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We're coming up on primary season here in these great United States, and it just wouldn't be a GOP primary without the spoiled son of a self-made tycoon grabbing a lot of media attention before he flames out (*cough*STEVE FORBES.

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