UCLA Astronomers Reveal The Truth Behind The Glow Cloud At The Center Of Our Galaxy

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They did it without running at it and waving their arms around and shouting, too.

viral video

Prank Caller To LA News Station: UCLA Campus Flooded Because ‘Someone Took A Really Large Dump’

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"Louis Slungpue" pranked an LA news station during a UCLA campus flood, saying the incident was due to "someone taking a really large dump."


UCLA Scientists Are Developing An Actual Cure For Hangovers

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While I’ve yet to try Ron Swanson’s guaranteed hangover cure, I have tried hundreds, if not thousands, of others and not a single one works.


Stretchable OLEDs Mean Stretchy Phones?


You know, a phone that can shrink or expand at will sounds like a bad idea.


Real Madrid Will Run Over Anything

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Back in April I put up a video of Real Madrid <a href="">winning the Copa del Rey, then promptly dropping and running over it with a double-decker bus</a>.


‘Don’t Do Crack, Drink Chocolate Milk’

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Last week, Charlie Sheen took time away from his uphill fight to finally attain sobriety nonstop, drug-fueled hooker orgies to offer some words of wisdom to the members of the UCLA baseball team.

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