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Never Go to Walmart on Valentine’s Day, and the Morning Links


This was the scene at Walmart yesterday at 4 p.


Safety Corn & Pork Muffs: Fake shopping list video part 2

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I know this isn't strictly movie-related, but I posted part one of <a href="">Mediocre Films</a>' fake shopping list sketch/prank last week, and it was kind of a hit.


Kanye West: ‘Rest In Peace To The Black Eyed Peas. You’re Gonna Be Missed!’


America has a love/hate relationship with the Black Eyed Peas.


Of Course, Wal-Mart Is Getting Into The Streaming Movie Business


Seeing that you can already pick up <a href="">a big booty</a> and <a href="">some Cheesy Poofs</a> there, I suppose it makes total sense that Walmart is going to start competing with Netflix and iTunes and your on-demand movie cable provider by selling streaming movies on its website.


Are you aware WalMart has been producing movies? They are amazing.

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I'll try to forgive you if you missed it, but this past Saturday marked an important milestone: the premiere of the sixth movie of the "Family Movie Night" series, created as part of a venture between WalMart and Proctor and Gamble to produce cheeseball family films promoting their products.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Week In Review: Hail The Sperminator!


It’s been a tough week for the timeless tradition of marriage, what with the ultimate All-American couple of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger shocking the world - nay, the universe.

big freedia

Here Is A New Orleans Bounce Artist Named Mr. Ghetto Rapping About Walmart

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Yesterday I said that the internet needs to <a href="">make Action Bronson its next YouTube superstar</a>.


Is Costco Planning The Armageddon?

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Whether you believe the world will end in a flash of nuclear chaos or with the low moans of zombie hoards craving human flesh, it’s always good to channel your inner Boy Scout and be prepared.


Has Walmart Turned Its Back On You?


For many years now, Walmart has been a one-stop for everything you could possibly need from a retailer.



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In this first of a series of Tranformers 2 featurettes <a href="" target="_blank">being sponsored by Walmart</a>, Michael Bay reminds his crew that job 1 is making the dreams of children come true (provided those children's dreams involve giant robots that fight).

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