Girl Tries to Climb Into Walmart’s Ball Rack


The ball rack is designed to hold balls.


Florida Man Arrested For Allegedly Driving Drunk Inside A Walmart

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A homeless man named Timothy Carr entered a Brooksville, Florida, Walmart on Sunday night, grabbed an alcoholic beverage from a shelf, started boozing and took himself a little joyride on a motorized shopping cart, for which he received a DWI.


There Was A Black Friday Weekend Death After All

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On Friday we noted that there hadn't been a single death resulting from Black Friday shopping that had been reported. Well, so much for that!

#the 90s

Jewel Singing A Song About Walmart In 2012 Is The Official End Of The 1990s

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For reasons unbeknownst to anyone, folk singer Jewel was asked by Walmart to perform a song about the retail giant. Hilarity ensued.


Man caught sucking teen’s toes in Walmart had a great pick-up line

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Yes, there's still movie news going around, but I'm posting this because it's my favorite thing on the internet right now.


Pitbull Visitied A Walmart In Rural Alaska, Just As The Internet Hoped He Would

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Well it happened, Internet -- Pitbull was shipped off to a Walmart in rural Alaska, just as you wished he would be.


Well Done, Internet: Pitbull Is Headed To A Walmart In The Frozen Wilds Of Alaska

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Walmart held a contest promising a concert by Pitbull at the store with the most Facebook "likes." The internet took it from there.

#comic con

7.18 The Cooler

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Wakina Christopher Nolan’s Batman: A Hero For The One-Percent.


7.3 The Cooler

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Chris Brown Vs.


Help Send Pitbull To A Walmart In Desolate Alaska

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Pitbull and Walmart: two of our least favorite things.


4.16 The Cooler

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Shelly Brooks by Urban Soul Photography President's Secret Service Agents Caught in Alleged Prostitution Row <a href="">[News One]</a> David Simon Doesn't Want To Tell You How To Watch 'The Wire' <a href="">[HitFix]</a> What Is Going On With Madonna.


Never Go to Walmart on Valentine’s Day, and the Morning Links


This was the scene at Walmart yesterday at 4 p.


1.24 The Cooler

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Jasmin Rodriguez A Legacy Obscured: The Lesson of Joe Paterno <a href="">[Time]</a> FleshliPad, The F**kable iPad, Inches Humanity Closer To Extinction <a href="">[FilmDrunk]</a> Did Rihanna & Karrueche Almost Come To Blows At A Hollywood Nightclub.


Safety Corn & Pork Muffs: Fake shopping list video part 2

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I know this isn't strictly movie-related, but I posted part one of <a href="">Mediocre Films</a>' fake shopping list sketch/prank last week, and it was kind of a hit.


Julia Beverly & The Greatest Webbie Interview Of All Time

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Depending on financial security, most people never wear the same suit twice.


8.23 The Cooler

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Brittany Colombo Thursday Is National Duck Out For A Drink Day <a href="">[The Awl]</a> Suge Knight Sentenced To Three Years’ Probation <a href="">[W.E.N.N.]</a> The Real Reason Wal-Mart Is Dying <a href="">[Gawker]</a> 25 Foods You'll Never Be Able to Eat Again <a href="" target="blank">[Ask Men]</a> D.


Walmart Closes Its MP3 Store, Nobody Cares

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After seven years in obscurity, Walmart put up the white flag and decided to <a href="">close the virtual doors</a> to its mp3 store.


Of Course, Wal-Mart Is Getting Into The Streaming Movie Business


Seeing that you can already pick up <a href="">a big booty</a> and <a href="">some Cheesy Poofs</a> there, I suppose it makes total sense that Walmart is going to start competing with Netflix and iTunes and your on-demand movie cable provider by selling streaming movies on its website.


6.21 The Cooler

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Tiana Nicole Death Penalty Costs California $184 Million A Year <a href=",0,3505671.story">[LAT]</a> Top 10 Black Sports Personalities <a href="">[6Mag]</a> Has Tracy Morgan 'Gone Overboard' With the Apologies.

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