The Walmart Yodeling Kid Wants To Duet With Kyrie Irving For Some Reason

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Mason Ramsey can attest to the power of social media, as he has found himself on stage at Coachella and massively famous because video of him yodeling in a Walmart went viral and became an instant meme. I knew the day would come when the Walmart yodeling kid became sports and that day was Monday.

Ramsey responded to a question from the Cracker Barrel Twitter account, which is a phenomenal statement in and of itself, and revealed that his dream duet partner would be Boston Celtics All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving.

If your first inclination was to say, “what?” out loud to no one in particular, congrats, you are a somewhat normal person. If your reaction was, “yeah, this was the natural progression of things,” then you spend too much time on the internet and I’d encourage you to log off for a bit (it’s too late for me, I work here, but it’s not too late for you).

Ramsey does not offer any explanation beyond simply @’ing Kyrie Irving, which makes this even better. Does Kyrie Irving even sing? Would they yodel about chemtrails and the Earth being flat? I don’t know, but I now fully expect him to be courtside for a Celtics playoff game soon and/or at the world premiere of Kyrie’s Uncle Drew movie because that’s how the internet works.