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‘Watch Dogs’ Shows Off Its Open World Chicago In A Mind-Changing New Trailer

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'Watch Dogs' shows off it's open world chops in a trailer that might change your mind about the game...

better call in sick

Wait, ‘Watch Dogs’ Is Going To Take How Long To Finish?!

By | 4 Comments

'Watch Dogs' is not going to be a short game. Better book your weekend now.


‘Watch Dogs’ Has A Release Date And A New Trailer

By | 5 Comments

Polish up your hackings skills because 'Watch Dogs' will be arriving soon...


‘Watch Dogs’ Finally Has A Release Window


'Watch Dogs' is finally firming up a release date.


6 Things Next-Gen Open World Games Absolutely Have To Do

By | 22 Comments

The makers of open world games now have more power to play with -- here's what they should use it for...

companion apps

‘Watch Dogs’ Really, Really Wants You To Grief Your Friends

By | 3 Comments

'Watch Dogs' is looking like the game of the fall... and apparently Ubisoft really wants you to make its players miserable.


New ‘Watch Dogs’ Gameplay Shows How To Hack A City

By | 6 Comments

'Watch Dogs' rolls out some gameplay that gets hacking hilariously wrong, but will still probably be a lot of fun.


‘Watch Dogs’ E3 Trailer Leaks Early, Looks Good

By | 2 Comments

'Watch Dogs' has a new trailer, that oddly lacks any gameplay footage.


'Watch Dogs' Has A Release Date And An Out Of Control New Trailer

By | 6 Comments

'Watch Dogs' dials down the hacking, and dials up the explosions in its latest trailer...

Deep Down

Sony Unveils The Playstation 4 In An Endurance Testing Press Conference

By | 53 Comments

Playstation 4 is coming this year and bringing new Killzone, InFAMOUS, and more with it...

Crysis 3

Quick 'N Dirty EA and Ubisoft Press Conference Recaps. Check out Footage of Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends, Dead Space 3 and More!

By | 3 Comments

Over the past couple days we've covered the E3 press conferences of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, but what about 3rd parties.

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