73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: ‘Juwanna Mann’


One of the things that I wanted to make sure to do in this voyage of 73 Sports Movies in 73 Days was be a little more revealing about my own taste in movies and so-called comedy, because while it’s fun to remember how much most of us loved BASEketball or make fun of people for their nostalgic love of Bring It On, it’s only fair that I also let it be known that I’m just as much of a schmuck as everybody else, and I have terrible taste sometimes, too.


With Leather’s Watch This: Soccer Can Be Kind Of Cool Sometimes, I Guess


I’m told by people not as handsome as me that this video has been everywhere the past two days, but I haven’t cared because: A) I only watch soccer during the World Cup and Olympics.


Kevin Durant, Monica Wright Engagement & The Top 5 Pro Basketball Couples

After the Minnesota Lynx took on the Phoenix Mercury Sunday night, Monica Wright claimed that she is now Kevin Durant's fiancé.


With Leather’s Watch This: These Swedish And Danish Soccer Hooligans Are Angry


The above video of psychotic hooligans for Sweden’s GAIS and Denmark’s FC Copehagen and Helsingborg IF beating the life out of each other got me thinking about why I really don't even like sports sometimes.


Brittney Griner Dunks Twice In Her WNBA Debut


We knew it wouldn't take long for Brittney Griner to start changing the WNBA.


Jay-Z Surprised Skylar Diggins With a Brand New Mercedes (Photo)

Life is good when you're part of the Roc Nation Agency Family.


The WNBA’s Ivory Latta Is Changing The Sneaker Game For Women

When Ivory Latta was growing up in South Carolina, she couldn't go to an athletics shoe store and find kicks made by female basketball players.


We Reminisce: Cappie Pondexter Gives Sebastian Telfair Buckets

This popped into our heads today and we felt the need to re-visit the time WNBA star Cappie Pondexter gave buckets to Sebastian Telfair.


From Dime 72: Jacki Gemelos’ Last Shot

This feature was originally printed in Dime 72.


One Of The WNBA’s Shortest Players Is Making A Huge Difference Off The Court

Ever since she picked up a ball, Ivory Latta was always been different.


Video: WNBA Coach Absolutely Loses Her Mind During Finals Game

If you really care about the drama surrounding Minnesota Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve and the fallout following her meltdown during the Lynx/Fever WNBA Finals game on Wednesday night, you can read all about it here.


With Leather’s Watch This: Welcome Back To Thursday Night Football, Regular Refs


Well, all of our complaining and cursing did it… just kidding.


With Leather's Watch This: Some College Football Fans Are Pretty Stupid


Back when I was in college and running the student newspaper, the UCF football team went on a hilariously humiliating 17-game losing streak that included a breathtaking 0-11 season.


With Leather’s Watch This: The NFL Is Back!


Now that the NFL and NCAA football are back in action (BACKTION.


Kristen Mann Has the Goods (Again)

Kristen Mann's photo shoot for Dime #66 quickly became one of our most popular posts in recent memory.


Video: Ohio State’s Sammy Prahalis is Changing the Game

Over the past few months, Ohio State Women's point guard Sammy Prahalis has earned space here on dimemag.com and in the pages of Dime Magazine because her game, without trying to sound corny, is electrifying.


Ohio State’s “Styles P” Interviews Styles P

Have you checked out the DIGITAL VERSION of Dime #66 yet.

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