You’ll Never Guess Who’s Getting A Title Shot Against Brock Lesnar At Night Of Champions

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Brock Lesnar's WWE World Heavyweight Championship challenger for the upcoming Night Of Champions has been named, and it's a shocker.


WWE Fans Got A Refund For A Match Result They Didn’t Like. Wait, You Can Do That?

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WWE fans who were upset about Daniel Bryan's Night Of Champions WWE Championship win being negated on Raw demanded refunds AND GOT THEM, somehow.


WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 9/16/13

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Your official With Leather WWE Raw open discussion thread for September 16, 2013.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Night Of Champions 2013

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The Best and Worst of WWE Night Of Champions 2013, featuring Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Championship (for now), Ryback's BIG TRAP and more.


WWE Night Of Champions 2013 Results

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WWE Night Of Champions 2013 results, quick and dirty without all the editorializing. What happened on tonight's show?


WWE Night Of Champions 2013 Open Discussion Thread

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Your official With Leather WWE Night Of Champions 2013 open discussion thread. Enjoy!


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 9/9/13: You Will Never Forget The Name Of [Name Redacted]

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Pre-show notes: - There are a pair of live reports on the last page, so make sure you stick around and read those.


WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 9/17/12: Pink Ropes Forever

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Sorry for the delay on today's WWE Raw open discussion thread, I just got back from a magical weekend at Chikara's King Of Trios tournament in Easton, PA, and when I say "I just got back" I mean "I just walked into my home, put down my luggage and turned on the computer".


WWE Night Of Champions 2012 Open Discussion Thread With Special Guest Peter Rosenberg

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Tonight's card for WWE Night Of Champions 2012, the annual event celebrating the one night a year WWE remembers it has more than two champions: - Pre-show Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender to the United States Championship (participants unannounced) - Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (c) vs.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 8/27/12: Don't Forget Your Anger Collage

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Pre-show notes: - Comments, clicking the like button, Twitter shares and whatever else you can do to share this with people on the computer are appreciated.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 8/20/12: Tonight's The Night (To Retire Via Tout)

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Pre-show notes: - Before you read the Best And Worst Of WWE Raw column, make sure you check out the <a href="" target="_blank">Best And Worst Of WWE SummerSlam 2012</a>, my live event recap including exclusive photos, encounters with Sheamus and open, gratuitous mouth-loving for THQ and WWE '13.


Popular Kettle Called Black By Pot: Pro Wrestler Says UFC Must ‘Evolve’

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The UFC has a lot of steps to take before they can become a mainstream national success (like running major events in New York City or <a href="">not letting them employees call journalists c*nts</a>), and who better to explain how and why than a 42-year old pro wrestler currently embroiled in an onscreen dispute about who did and didn't lie to him about sending a text.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 8/29

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A few notes before the process begins anew: - I've spent the last few days in rural Tennessee visiting my parents and going to Minor League Baseball games to <a href="">have my picture taken with wandering miscellanea</a>, so I've been a little out of the loop and apologize for any errant e-mail responses or the slight shortness of this week's report.

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