Twitter Is On The Verge Of Being Sold, According To Rumors


Twitter hasn’t been doing well lately, on either a cultural or financial level. Being a very public cesspool of harassment isn’t going to do much for you, but on a financial level, the site has struggled to make it clear to investors just how it plans to, you know, make money. So, this being Silicon Valley, the solution to your problems is to sell them to somebody else, which might be exactly what Twitter is doing.

According to CNBC, Twitter’s board might receive a formal offer to buy the service as soon as today. Among those rumored to be in the running are (the cloud computing company best known for its customer relationship management software) and, naturally, Google, although others are in the mix as well.

Of the rumored suitors, Google seems to be the most likely candidate. Google has spent years trying to break into social media, and usually that hasn’t ended well. Twitter, while dwarfed by Facebook, is established, popular, easy to use, and has a lot of social media infrastructure already built. Still, Salesforce, which specializes in using social networks to sell you stuff, would also be a likely candidate, and there might even be competing bids. We’ll find out soon enough, as rumors claim the sale, if it happens, will go through before the end of the year.

(Via CNBC)

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