The 2019 Men’s NCAA Tournament Is The Second-Highest Rated Tourney Through The First Weekend In 29 Years

03.25.19 4 months ago

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When the basketball finally slipped off the rim and the buzzer sounded, ending UCF’s second-round upset hopes against Duke, the game instantly became a classic in a 2019 NCAA Tournament that, well, hasn’t had very many of them.

Outside of perhaps LSU’s last second win over Maryland, and Tennessee’s near collapse after letting a 25-point lead over Iowa evaporate before regaining their composure in overtime, many much-hyped matchups through the first weekend of the tourney have turned out to be duds. Ja Morant couldn’t keep Murray State from getting smoked by Florida State. Villanova had no shot against Purdue. And Kansas got run out of the gym by an Auburn team that barely survived their first round matchup.

That hasn’t stopped people from watching, though.

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