This Arizona State Fan’s Extreme Love Of Mayo May Give You Nightmares

Mayonnaise is fine. It’s ok in reasonable sized doses on sandwiches and what not, but people get really, really into the whole “is mayo trash?” debate. Outside of “should pineapple be on pizza?” and “is a hot dog a sandwich?” no food debate gets people going quite as much as whether mayonnaise is good.

Again, it’s fine, but it’s admittedly kind of gross when someone gets way too into mayonnaise, just like it’s kind of gross when anyone puts a comical amount of any condiment on food (other than hot sauce, of course, because hot sauce rules). This one Arizona State hoops fan, for example, brought his love of mayonnaise to another level during the Sun Devils’ game against Arizona.

I am firmly on #TeamEatWhatYouLike with most things, but eating mayo by the spoonful is gross. It’s somehow even more gross than Tim Tebow housing guacamole with a spoon and that’s it. And then this dude started painting his torso with the mayo! Gross.

The student did this as part of Arizona State’s famous Curtain of Distraction, which has hosted big names like Michael Phelps and Charlie Day. The point of it is to distract opposing free throw shooters. As SB Nation pointed out, it did not work, as Arizona’s Allonzo Trier went 2-for-2 from the stripe.

Before this, Arizona State tried out a dude dressed like a caveman who wore a unitard and a bra. That worked out better, because Rawle Alkins went 1-for-2 on free throws.

The point I’m trying make is please, Arizona State, never let mayo man make a cameo again. Mostly because it does not work, but also because this was nasty.