Tim Tebow Got Caught Eating Guacamole With A Spoon And The Internet Wasn’t Having It

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Tim Tebow is in Houston for the Super Bowl and is doing the rounds on media row. This isn’t anything noteworthy, but Tebow needed a lunch break on Friday and his meal became a topic of discussion.

Why do people care what Tim Tebow is eating? Because he’s eating guacamole straight out of the container with a spoon (while drinking a Pellegrino).

This is troubling behavior from the Mets farmhand. Guacamole, as I established earlier today, is fine, but overrated by people like Tim Tebow who spoon it directly into their mouths. I could understand a meal of chips and guacamole on radio row. It’s easily portable, not something you need to reheat and you can just munch as you get the opportunity. However, there are no chips being consumed here. He’s just using a spoon.

There were even chips available and this savage decided not to use them.

I am not the only one disturbed by this turn of events from everyone’s favorite former NFL quarterback turned minor league baseball tryout haver. The internet did what it does and debated the merits of this activity.

There’s also a contingent of people that agree with Tebow’s method of guacamole consumption and it’s troubling.

I don’t care how good the guacamole is or how healthy it is for you or what diet you’re on (please don’t come explain ketogenic diets to me), eating guacamole with a spoon is not acceptable behavior. Please stop this Tim Tebow.

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