Arkansas Basketball Trolled Kendrick Perkins After He Got Tripped Up Saying Moses Moody’s Name

Kendrick Perkins has been the butt of jokes in the past for getting tripped up saying a basketball player’s name. The most notable example came while he ran into some trouble saying Nikola Vucevic’s last name, which led to Kevin Durant getting a joke off at his expense during the NBA’s All-Star Draft earlier this year.

Perkins, to his credit, took the joke in stride, something that happened again on Thursday night during the 2021 NBA Draft. Perkins is on ESPN’s main Draft panel, and midway through the first round, the Golden State Warriors selected Arkansas forward Moses Moody with the 14th pick. They received plenty of praise for the move, while Perkins ran into some issues with the alliterative name.

A little while later, Richard Jefferson trolled Perkins over this, but not before Moody’s old school got in on the fun first. The official Arkansas basketball program’s Twitter account took that video and spelled it all out for him.

While his focus has been on the Draft, Perkins did tip his cap on Twitter.

Live TV will give us the occasional very fun moment, and if Perkins didn’t laugh at himself, this probably would not have been nearly as fun. But he did, and as a result, Moses Moody started his NBA career off in a pretty entertaining way.