Barack Obama’s NCAA bracket: North Carolina all the way

03.18.09 9 years ago 17 Comments

President Barack Obama

While the rest of us have the luxury of filling out an NCAA Tournament bracket in relative peace — only having it picked apart game-by-game if somebody in your office pool is really bored — President of the United States Barack Obama (I still like typing that out in full) gets no such treatment.

On ESPN yesterday, President of the United States Barack Obama started filling out his bracket, which was posted today and taped as he made his picks in front of Andy Katz (not our AK, the other one). The President went with North Carolina to win it all, beating Louisville in the championship game. Memphis and Pitt round out his Final Four, and some notable upset picks include taking 10-seed Maryland over 7-seed Cal in the first round, Syracuse to knock off Oklahoma in the Sweet Sixteen, Temple to beat Arizona State in the first round, and VCU to beat UCLA in the first round. (Notice the Virginia/Maryland/D.C.-area leaning?)

You can see the rest of President of the United States Barack Obama’s bracket HERE.

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