Bill Walton Brought His Trademark Weirdness To The Clippers’ Season Finale

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In honor of Ralph Lawler, the long-time broadcaster who will retire after his 40th year as the play-by-play man for the Clippers, the local Fox affiliate decided to bring on former on-air partner Bill Walton (1990-2003) for the regular season finale against the Jazz to add his signature weirdness to the festivities.

And Walton didn’t waste any time as he kicked things off in the pre-game segment with an energy level that can only be described as wildly disproportionate to his Hall of Fame broadcast partner for the night.

Naturally, he was just getting started. Early in the first half, Walton presented Lawler with what he called a “specially-commissioned artwork” that he likened to both Michelangelo and Da Vinci, and that, perhaps via logic clear only to Walton himself, charts the long illustrious career of the Clippers’ legendary announcer.

Once the more ceremonial parts of the night were out of the way, Walton was free to let his unfiltered stream-of-consciousness observations run amok all over the airwaves, which included general confusion about who was out there on the court for both teams at various points.

He took that confusion a whole different level with Tyler Cavanaugh.

Walton also came bearing gifts for Ralph, along with some spectacular stories.

It would be impossible to catalog all of his best moments of the night, as it’s best to experience it in real-time, but once again, Walton has provided us with the rare treat of his off-the-wall style on a momentous night for the Clippers organization.