Please Enjoy Boban Marjanovic And Maxi Kleber Covering ‘Shallow’ From ‘A Star Is Born’

Even before A Star Is Born debuted in 2018, the movie featuring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga was an internet sensation. The trailer was parsed for weeks, and the movie itself received very positive reviews. Beyond that, Cooper and Gaga collaborated on “Shallow,” which was a smash hit in the music world and, while the song isn’t necessarily in the every day consciousness as 2020 comes to a close, a pair of NBA players are bringing the hype back.

Dallas Mavericks big men Boban Marjanovic and Maxi Kleber came together on something of a cover of “Shallow” and, well, the only thing to do is watch the magic happen.

First, Marjanovic is a delight, and that has been well documented for a very long time. He steals the show, both with his tone and general demeanor during the performance, and Boban also decided to make up his own words for the occasion.

Kleber, who is a wildly underrated two-way player for the Mavericks, also makes a substantive contribution in that he is playing piano in a competent way. That isn’t a small thing, and you can tell both men are enjoying themselves throughout the festivities.

It’s not as if covering a (very) famous duet is a new phenomenon, but the timing is hilarious and this is just fantastic content. There isn’t much else to say, but watching it again is probably a good idea. We cannot wait for the pair to team up for a full-length album.