The Celtics Reportedly Told Cleveland Everything About Isaiah Thomas’ Hip Before The Trade Agreement

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The blockbuster Kyrie Irving trade is currently in limbo due to the hip of Isaiah Thomas. On Friday night, reports indicated that Cleveland was concerned by Thomas’ injured hip after the dynamic guard underwent a physical. The following day, news dropped that the Cavs want to get back to the negotiating table due to these concerns.

But as it turns out, the Celtics didn’t see this turn of events happening. According to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic in Cleveland, the deal that Boston offered to land Irving was made with the understanding that the Celtics were up front about everything ailing Thomas.

This means one of two things. Either Thomas’ hip is worse than anyone anticipated, or someone in this equation is lying. If it’s that second thing, Boston could have knowingly undersold how bad of shape Thomas was in, or Cleveland could be getting buyer’s remorse on the deal and want it voided. At this point, no one knows.

All that anyone can be sure about is this deal isn’t done yet. The Cavaliers want to get more back after looking at the physical state of Thomas, but if the Celtics really did think they disclosed everything, they may dig their heels in with the hopes of not parting with any other assets. Watching these two teams agree to a deal in the first place was interesting, but somehow, things have gotten more entertaining in the days since the news of this trade dropped.