Bradley Beal Had A Funny Response To The New York Post Using His Picture For Bobby Portis

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Things haven’t gone according to plan for the Knicks in free agency. Rather than being involved with the biggest names this summer, they’ve been forced to cobble together a free agency class filled with veterans on bloated, short-term signings.

Now, the good news is that New York has at least somewhat learned from the past, signing most of those players to two-year deals with a second year team option. The bad news is, they’ve just kind of been signing guys that, beyond Julius Randle, are likely not to be with the team in a year or two and aren’t going to net them a ton in return despite the flexibility they can provide. It’s better than 2016 by a lot, but still just a rather uninspiring summer after so much optimism coming in.

The lack of fireworks has clearly had an impact on how much major outlets in the city are interested in the team, as the New York Post couldn’t be bothered to copy-edit their free agency roundup enough to make sure they put pictures of the correct players in place.

That is Bradley Beal, the Wizards All-Star shooting guard who right now is trapped on a team that may be one of the few in the league more aimless than the Knicks, pictured in the place of Bobby Portis, who finished last season in Washington. It’s a funny error — albeit also a reminder of the cost-cutting that has depleted editing staffs at newspapers — and as such, Beal had a pretty hilarious response after Portis was alerted to it.

Had the Knicks actually landed Beal this summer somehow via trade, it would’ve been a much different tune coming from the Big Apple, but for now, Beal remains marooned in the nation’s capital and the Knicks have taken a backseat to the Nets in New York City.