The Nets Might Be Going After Some High Profile Free Agents

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The Brooklyn Nets are quietly having themselves a productive offseason, but they might be ready to make a much louder splash in free agency. Fresh off a trade that netted them D’Angelo Russell, the team is reportedly looking at some high-profile free agents.

But while much of the buzz is about unrestricted free agents, reports indicate the team is willing to send out some offer sheets to snag some restricted free agents as well.

The Wizards and Pistons fearing an offer sheet from Brooklyn says a lot about how good an offseason the Nets are having compared to their recent history. Acquiring Russell from the Lakers also meant taking on Timofy Mozgov’s contract as well, but the Nets still have some room to play with and getting someone like Otto Porter would certainly make them more fun this season.

As the Washington Post notes, it’s likely the Wizards have to choose between Porter and Bojan Bogdanovic. Porter getting an RFA offer sheet from the Nets might make it easier for the Wizards to choose, which in turn might make it more likely because the RFA game isn’t always a fun experience for competing general managers. In most cases, it’s better to know it’s going to work rather than have a team match your offer and make an enemy in another team’s front office.

The Wizards are, however, expected to try locking down Porter before anyone else has a chance to offer sheet him away.

Many praised Brooklyn’s trade for D’Angelo Russell and feel that even with all the issues they still have with draft picks — the Celtics have their first again in 2018 — they could actually put the foundation for a smart rebuild together if they decide to send out an offer sheet. Porter Jr. or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope are certainly two good options to consider, and could make basketball fun again in Brooklyn.

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