It’s Been Four Years Since Carlos Boozer Sprayed On Fake Hair

02.12.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

When you’re a public figure with hair issues, it can be a tough spot. LeBron James came under heavy scrutiny and mockery when he changed his hair for his role in Trainwreck, and over in England, Manchester United star Wayne Rooney was roundly mocked, first for his baldness and later for his hair plugs. But nothing compares to what happened when Carlos Boozer showed up with this on his head at a game:

It was as spectacularly misguided a style choice as any we’ve seen this century, and it wasn’t even well done! It faded, presumably because Boozer was sweating it off, as the game went by. Legendary. It may seem like forever ago, but Twitter was around even then to roast Boozer mercilessly for it:

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