Carmelo Anthony Helped Bus 4,500 Baltimore Students To The March For Our Lives In Washington D.C.

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Carmelo Anthony revealed on Saturday that he helped thousands of students take part in the March For Our Lives in Washington D.C. The Oklahoma City Thunder forward told reporters that he helped 4,500 Baltimore-area students travel to Washington D.C.

Anthony, who spent much of his childhood in Baltimore, arranged to bus kids who wanted to take part in the protest to Washington as a way to help them make their voices heard in the nationwide protest against gun violence.

Anthony was asked if he was able to get involved in the protest and joked that he could not because he was stuck talking to reporters, but then explained how he played a role.

“I helped out in Baltimore and the city of Baltimore to send 4,5000 kids to DC for the march,” Anthony said. “Almost 80-90 busses from Baltimore to D.C.”

Anthony praised the enthusiasm of the students and their willingness to have an impact on the country, calling it “a special moment.”

When asked if activism in this way would be part of his post-basketball plans, he stressed that it’s not something he has to wait to do.

“Either you do it or you don’t,” Anthony said. “It’s not something that you look forward or have to plan it out. It’s something that should come natural. So I think I’ll always be active when it comes to activism and speaking up.”

The NBA continues to have strong voices encourage activism and community protest in favor of gun control and against police brutality against minorities, as we’ve seen with the Sacramento Kings’ response to the protests held by the community on Thursday night.