The Cavaliers Are The Odds On Favorites To Still Have Kyrie Irving When The Season Starts

07.25.17 11 months ago

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Kyrie Irving has requested a trade from the Cavaliers as he hopes to end up somewhere he can be the primary star and spread his wings and get out from under LeBron James’ shadow. It was a stunning revelation that Irving wanted out and there are tons of teams that will be interested in acquiring him and his point guard services.

However, the Cavs are reportedly asking for a lot for Irving, which makes sense considering he’s an All-Star player that has two years remaining on his contract. Because Cleveland is asking for such a significant return for Irving, there’s reason to believe that the Cavaliers could let this process drag out through training camp and into the regular season.

That would almost assuredly create for some awkwardness in the locker room and tensions would be high — even if LeBron denies he’s “eager” for Irving to be gone — which would make for a highly entertaining spectacle to watch from afar as Irving, James, and the rest tried to coexist. Some would say that moving Irving before the season should be a priority to avoid chemistry issues and possible locker room fracturing, but if the Cavs want to avoid getting pennies on the dollar like the Pacers and Bulls got for their stars, they might have to wait it out a bit.

That’s what the oddsmakers at Bovada expect Cleveland to do, as they released odds on Tuesday for where Kyrie Irving will be playing for the first game of the 2017-18 regular season. The Cavs have even odds to have Irving when their season tips off, while the Knicks, Suns, Celtics, and Nuggets all have sub 10-1 odds (you can see their full list of 10 teams with odds below).

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