Here’s How The Cavaliers’ Long-Awaited NBA Championship Sounded On Cleveland Radio

For the first time in a very, very long time, Cleveland sports fans were on top of the sports world Sunday night.

It’s always thrilling when your favorite team wins a championship, but one can assume it was more than just a little bit extra special for Cavs fans following Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Not only did the team break the city’s long championship drought, but they also did it in thrilling fashion with hometown hero-turned-nemesis-turned-hero-again LeBron James at the helm.

Just when it seemed like the Cavs were down and out and looking at a second consecutive runner-up season, LeBron and his Cavs stormed back into the series and managed to climb out of a 3-1 hole against the Warriors, the same team that beat the Cavs in last year’s Finals. Oh, and the same team that just wrapped up the greatest regular season in league history with the first-ever unanimous NBA MVP in Steph Curry.

So, yeah, you could say it was a pretty emotional night for Cleveland sports fans.

In case you needed any extra convincing, check out the call from Cavaliers’ radio play-by-play man John Michael (above) and listen to him try to sum it all up as the final seconds of the series ran off the clock in Oakland.

And, as an added little bonus, here are a couple of the game’s most pivotal plays in the final few minutes, as called by Cavaliers Spanish radio play-by-play Rafa El Alcalde. This guy knows how to bring the energy behind the mic.

James’ chasedown block on Draymond Green:

Kyrie Irving’s game-winning three over Curry:

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