Channing Frye’s First Pitch Attempt In Cleveland Missed Just A Bit Outside


Channing Frye’s NBA career came to an end in April, as the veteran big man decided this year with the Cavaliers would be his last.

Frye was part of the Cavs team that brought Cleveland its first NBA championship and has become a beloved figure in northeast Ohio for it. Frye, like Richard Jefferson, will likely have his pick of possible jobs in the NBA media, whether as a game analyst like Jefferson or in a studio role, but one thing we can scratch off the list of potential new careers for Frye is baseball player.

The Indians had Frye come out and throw out the first pitch on Sunday prior to facing the Mariners, and the result was a less than stellar effort from the Arizona product — although the velocity and height weren’t bad, just the aim was way off.

The good news for Channing is that he isn’t the only NBA player to have a pretty bad first pitch attempt this week, as Bucks guard Pat Connaughton also airmailed a recent effort at a Brewers game, and he was a fourth round pick as a pitcher in 2014 by the Orioles.

Frye will assuredly hear about this from Jefferson, LeBron James, and others, but he’s still out here living his best life in retirement.