Charles Barkley Described Karl-Anthony Towns As ‘Limited Offensively’

04.19.18 11 months ago

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The Inside the NBA crew is notoriously hard on big men around the league being that Shaq, arguably the most dominant center of all-time and at least of the last 40 years, and Charles Barkley, a dominant, undersized power forward, occupy two of the four spots at the desk.

As the game of basketball has evolved and the questions asked of centers and power forwards move further away from the traditional norms Shaq and Chuck played under, they have grown increasingly frustrated with the state of the big man in the NBA. The quickest way to anger those two and get them in agreement is to have a big man who is supposedly a very good player failing to dominate or take over games in a traditional way.

So far in these playoffs, Shaq and Chuck have taken aim at two players in particular: Al Horford and Karl-Anthony Towns. Horford being an All-Star who averages 14 points and nine boards per game angers them, so they have challenged him to step up (which to this point he has). Karl-Anthony Towns, meanwhile, is heralded as one of the next great offensive centers, but the Timberwolves failed to use him enough in Game 1 against Houston’s switching, leading to a Barkley rant about them being dumb.

In Game 2, they wanted to see more out of him, but his nine first-half shots seemed a bit forced, and he still wasn’t dominating in the post the way they wanted him to, so at the half they took him to task for what they believed he should be doing. Shaq has some very good points about Towns needing to attack quicker when he catches the ball on the block and leverage his strength more, while Barkley, on the other hand, misses the mark a bit.

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