Charles Barkley Thinks Kyrie And Durant ‘Ain’t Tough Enough’ To Play In New York

03.12.19 2 months ago

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The New York Knicks have opened up a ton of cap space for this summer and are set to make a run at one or two max players in free agency.

There are some that believe Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, two friends that will both hit free agency this summer, have already decided on joining forces in New York. That, of course, is far from confirmed, but there is speculation abound that at least one of them will move to the Big Apple this offseason in an attempt to resurrect the Knicks.

Durant and/or Irving joining the Knicks would be huge for a franchise that hasn’t landed a top free agent in over a decade, but there are some that question if it’s a good idea for either. There’s obviously the issue of the Knicks being terrible, but if both went, that would change dramatically. Instead, there are those like Charles Barkley who don’t think Irving or Durant have the makeup to handle all that comes with being in New York.

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