The Blazers Will Upset The Clippers According To This 20-Year-Old Video Game Simulation

04.17.16 3 years ago

One first-round series that has been getting a lot of buzz is the 4-5 matchup in the West between the Clippers and the Blazers.

Some people are taking the approach the Clippers are just too talented, while others maintain let’s wait and see how Blake Griffin looks, and and still others say I won’t know what to think about this series until Uproxx simulates the matchup on a state of the art video game.


Previous NBA Playoff Simulations:

Okay, but if the game is called IN THE ZONE 2, couldn’t they have called it BACK IN THE ZONE or RETURN TO THE ZONE and also why did they leave the zone to begin with? I bet if you asked Charles Barkley he’d say that the players in his generation never left the zone. Because toughness.

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