Could J.R. Smith Really Leave The Cavs This Offseason?

07.17.16 3 years ago 5 Comments
jr smith

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By all accounts, J.R. Smith is having a pretty good summer. After helping bring the city of Cleveland its first championship in more than 50 years, the poster boy for irrational confidence has been on cloud nine. But soon enough, he’ll have to come back down to Earth as his free agency situation has yet to be resolved. Smith appeared on ESPN’s His & Hers on Friday to discuss what the future might hold and the possibility that he might end up somewhere besides Cleveland next season.

“I’ve thought about that situation,” he said. “Then I thought about it the other way, too, going back and winning again, both of those juggled in the air. I’m actually kind of nervous about that choice when it gets presented to me.”

Smith, of course, famously opted out of his contract with the Cavs last summer and eventually had to settle for less money, but there was a caveat to that. He and his agent were able to finagle a no-trade clause into his deal, ensuring that he would remain with the team for the duration of the season. That ended up working out pretty well for him.

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