DeMarcus Cousins Was Caught On Camera Verbally Abusing And Intimidating A Local Columnist

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The DeMarcus Cousins era with the Sacramento Kings has been turbulent, to say the least. While Cousins has been a very good and occasionally transcendent player during his time with the organization, much of his tenure has been marred with unusual behavior on and off the court and trade rumors that regularly swirl around the franchise’s most important asset. Now, with the Kings toiling below the .500 mark yet again, Cousins looks to be embroiled in another scandal, and it has to do with the local media in Sacramento.

In the video above posted by the Sacramento Bee, Cousins is documented on a number of occasions with dust-ups involving the media, and it also features alarming new content. On Dec. 12, Cousins was filmed using profanity and physical intimidation toward Andy Furillo, a columnist at the paper, and it goes on to chronicle other instances in which the talented big man scuffled with reporters. Just one year ago, Cousins made headlines after a reporter cut him off prematurely (also seen in the video above), and his lengthy feud with the website Cowbell Kingdom is also featured.

The new documentation against Cousins is, of course, troubling in the sense that he simply cannot stay out of the limelight in a negative fashion. Recently, Cousins was named in a lawsuit regarding a night club incident, and that was apparently the match that ignited in the latest blow-up with Furillo. Still, it is symptomatic of a larger issue with Cousins, and it is one that probably does not go unnoticed around the league as the Kings decide what to do with their best basketball asset for the future.

Not everything in the video is new, and, frankly, there are aspects that aren’t incredibly different than other locker room settings in the NBA. When DeMarcus Cousins is involved, though, everything is under the microscope, and this is yet another less-than-ideal look for the controversial star.

(Sacramento Bee)