Donovan Mitchell Wants Fans To Help Raise His ‘NBA 2K18’ Dunk Rating

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Player ratings in video games are a big deal in the NBA. In the summer, when the days are longer and the NBA news is thinner, the overall ratings of players in NBA 2K‘s latest edition seems to be some of the biggest news for weeks.

NBA stars have had some fun complaining about inaccurate or low ratings, but there truly are some ratings that miss the mark. Rookies, or players who have breakout seasons, often have lower scores in some abilities than what you’d associate with their real-life abilities, and that’s certainly the case for Utah’s Donovan Mitchell.

The Rookie of the Year candidate is having a huge season with the Jazz, and he’s even taking part in the dunk contest at All-Star Weekend. But being considered one of the best dunkers in the game should equal higher than a 50 dunk rating in NBA 2K18, right? Mitchell sure thought so, which is why he went to the streets of Salt Lake City to have folks there sign a petition to change his rating.

The video is pretty funny: There are some people who clearly recognize Mitchell and others who are just happy to sign something so silly. He even plays some NBA 2K18 with some people who signed the petition, complimenting them on their dunking skills. And it seems like Mitchell really did ask everyone in Salt Lake City for help, including this very skeptical dog.

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Something tells me he’ll see a bump in his rating the next time NBA 2K18 gets an update. If he puts on a show in the dunk contest, 2K Sports might not have much of a choice.