J.R. Smith Isn’t Happy With His Jump Shot In ‘NBA 2K18’

10.21.17 2 years ago

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J.R. Smith isn’t afraid to speak his mind about much of anything. He’s called out athletes who criticize Colin Kaepernick for no apparent reason. He’s also spoken honestly about the fact that he’s been relegated to the bench in favor of Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade in Cleveland this year.

His honesty is an asset, especially for fans of NBA 2K18 that feel his character’s jump shot isn’t responsive enough to a user’s touch. Smith addressed his jumper in the video game on Twitter on Saturday, saying it simply isn’t right.

A fan mentioned him on the social media site on Saturday and the Cavaliers reserve guard became a voice of the people, retweeting a 2K gamer who said he had to fix his jump shot technique after the game was updated.

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