There’s Been ‘No Discussion’ Of Duke Shutting Down Zion Williamson According To Coach K

02.24.19 4 months ago

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Everybody expects Zion Williamson, arguably the greatest college freshman ever, to enter the NBA Draft after one season at Duke and become a pro in the NBA. Not only that, he’s all but guaranteed to go No. 1 overall in that draft. If he’s in college to enter the NBA, one could argue, then there’s nothing else for him to gain from playing at Duke.

Some have even argued that Williamson would be smarter to sit out the rest of his season at Duke and spend the rest of his time preparing for the draft. That argument got much louder when, on Wednesday, Williamson had one of his shoes burst open and injured his other knee. Luckily it was only a sprain and Williamson has been listed as day to day.

Despite the close call on an injury that could have been much worse, if he decided right then that he was done with college and wanted to sit out the rest of his college career then nobody would blame him. But apparently that’s not going to happen. According to Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, Williamson will return to Duke and continue playing through the rest of his freshman year as soon as he’s healthy enough to play.

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