Dwyane Wade Has Taken Kyrie Irving’s Old Spot In The Cavaliers’ Locker Room

10.04.17 5 months ago

Getty Image

When Dwyane Wade signed with the Heat there was a hope by some that he would take Kyrie Irving’s old number. He did not, disappointing those hoping for an escalation of the strange, petty back-and-forth that has waged on between Irving and the Cavs, most notably LeBron James.

While Wade chose the No. 9 (his national team number) rather than the No. 2, he is taking over at least on thing formerly occupied by Irving: his locker.

The Cavs had their first home preseason game on Wednesday night against the Hawks, meaning it was the first chance for reporters to wander into the locker room before a game and check out the new locker assignments. As The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd noted, there in Kyrie’s old spot was Wade’s stuff.

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