The Hornets Shouldn’t Let Purple Shirt Man Sit Court-Side After Provoking Dwyane Wade

04.30.16 3 years ago 13 Comments
dwyane wade, purple shirt man

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Flash was back Friday night, in a big, weird way. Three-pointers? Dwyane Wade? The notoriously inaccurate shooter from deep connected on two triples in the final frame and the Heat are heading back to Miami for a Game 7 Sunday matinee when NBA fans will still be rubbing the crusty’s out of their eyes.

Something peculiar happened between Wade and a court-side Hornets fan in the fourth quarter of Game 6, too. The purple-shirted gentleman donning a backpack like he was headed to soccer practice or the head shop, started jawing with Wade right when the three-time champion was busy sealing the game for the Heat.

“He was over there telling me I should retire,” Wade told after the game. “I’m like, ‘Whatever. Not yet.’ But he was on me.”

When Wade was asked about it on the podium after the game, he had already moved on. “I’m not going to give that guy any more attention,” he said.

Hassan Whiteside was asked about him after the game, but Heat interloper cut him off before he could say what he wanted.

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