Enes Kanter Clapped Back At LeBron, Proclaiming Kristaps Porzingis The Real King Of New York

11.14.17 6 months ago

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LeBron James and Enes Kanter battled on and off the court on Monday night, and their fight has continued into its second day. Tuesday’s verbal sparring session included an Instagram post where LeBron declared himself the “King of NY” and Kanter responding through the press, declaring a Knick the current king of the metropolis.

In his first season in New York after coming from Oklahoma City in the Carmelo Anthony trade, Kanter has injected fresh blood into a rivalry that has never really existed in LeBron’s career. It’s been so long since the Knicks truly mattered that the moments in which they’ve been the Cavs’ rivals in the East have been fleeting. On many nights it’s seemed like LeBron’s trips to MSG are more about the shoes he’s wearing than the team he’s beating.

But a quick start to the season, a prior win in Cleveland by the Knicks, and the Cavs’ struggles set the scene for a lot of tension on Monday night. James and the Cavs emerged with the win after a triumphant comeback led by LeBron. His dagger three let him do some trash talking on the court and online, but it’s clear that Kanter isn’t having it.

On Tuesday, he told reporters that it’s Kristaps Porzingis, not LeBron, who reigns at Madison Square Garden.

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