Jalen Rose Says Yao Ming ‘Absolutely, Positively’ Does Not Deserve A Hall Of Fame Nod

03.31.16 3 years ago 17 Comments

ESPN’s Jalen Rose is ready to change the Basketball Hall of Fame’s standards for induction.

Rose, who played in the NBA from 1994 to 2007, said on his ESPN program with Dave Jacoby on Thursday that Yao Ming, who will be inducted to the Hall of Fame later this year, doesn’t actually deserve that accolade.

Here is the full transcription of Rose’s thesis:

He absolutely, positively does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. It’s not even close. I do not like the fact that there’s an international committee that votes for international players and puts them in the same Hall of Fame as the American-born players, but they lower the bar based on their productivity. That’s not fair. I don’t like that.

Rose is right and wrong on this one, right in that he’s allowed to hold a perfectly valid — and possibly common — opinion that the Basketball Hall of Fame should operate more like the baseball one, letting in players for their greatness within the sport and not handling situations with players from foreign countries differently. But making his point through Yao’s induction is the wrong way to do it.

For now, the Hall of Fame’s standards are the same as they’ve always been, and Yao certainly deserves induction for the contributions he’s made in expanding the NBA to China.

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