Jamal Murray Wore A Charles Barkley Shirt After Chuck Told Him ‘You Don’t Wear Your Own Stuff’

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Jamal Murray enjoyed the best moment of his NBA career on Tuesday evening, exploding in the fourth quarter to lead the Denver Nuggets to a badly needed victory in Game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs. Following his memorable showing during the stretch run, Murray elected to wear a shirt with an NBA Jam theme to the postgame press conference, one which featured an image of Murray himself.

That apparently didn’t sit well with Charles Barkley, who criticized Murray on Inside The NBA following the media availability.

Barkley’s jabbing was light-hearted in nature, but he said cited players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant while saying “you don’t wear your own stuff.” Finally, Barkley laughingly said that Murray “didn’t play that damn well,” adding a bit of extra fuel to the fire.

Given the source, this wasn’t exactly off-the-charts shade from Barkley but, before Game 3 in San Antonio, Murray emerged wearing an interesting shirt into the arena.

Murray’s choice to use Barkley’s image against him constitutes an A-plus response, as he doesn’t need to say anything else to get his point across. In the grand scheme, this isn’t a blood feud by any stretch, but Murray wisely responded without having to pull the trigger on anything too serious and, once again, this is a reminder that the NBA Playoffs are spectacular.