The Sixers Have Shot Down Calls About Jimmy Butler’s Availability After Reports Of Discontent

01.07.19 6 months ago

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Jimmy Butler has been in Philadelphia for two months and over that period of time the Sixers are 16-8, climbing into the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference.

While the results on the court have been pretty good, all is not necessarily well in Philadelphia. Joel Embiid noted he was having a bit of an issue finding his comfort zone with Butler on the floor after a month together, and just generally there’s been some apparent tension on the court.

Butler, of course, carries with him quite the reputation of being, at best, direct with criticism and, at worst, a disruptive force in the locker room. Recently, a report came out that Butler had aggressively challenged coach Brett Brown over the offensive system in place in Philadelphia, with some thinking Butler crossed a line in how he went about raising his frustrations with the coach. Butler wants more isolation and pick-and-roll sets called, while the Sixers tend to play something of a more free-flowing, ball-movement focused offense.

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