Steph Curry’s Ridiculed ‘Dad Shoes’ Now Have An Appropriate Fake Commercial

06.11.16 2 years ago

Steph Curry’s latest shoe release probably hasn’t gone the way he or Under Armour anticipated. Since the Curry 2 Low was unveiled this week, the sneaker has been the butt of roughly a million jokes about how lame they are. Most of those jokes poke fun at the fact that the design makes them look like the basic clearance rack shoes that middle-to-senior aged people wear when they’ve officially given up on life.

Again, probably not the reaction Under Armour was hoping for…but, hey, at least they’re getting tons of publicity?

That pub came rolling in on Friday night after Game 4 in Cleveland. Not only did Steph respond to the negative reception of the shoe during his postgame presser, Jimmy Kimmel Live also joked about them quite a bit following the game. Kimmel aired a fake commercial that had some fun with the idea that the kicks were referred to as “dad shoes,” claiming that they were perfect for the most mundane of physical activities — such as cleaning the gutters and “walking around the neighborhood at a moderate speed.”

And if that wasn’t enough Middle-Aged White Guy promotion for you, Bill Simmons also wore them during his appearance as a guest on the show. The brand has been established.

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