Joel Embiid Had To Decline Triple H’s WrestleMania 40 Invite Because He Won’t Be In Philly

Triple H just cannot stop costing Joel Embiid money. Tuesday afternoon marked the second time in 2023 that Embiid, the NBA MVP and star for the Philadelphia 76ers, picked up a fine from the league for doing D-Generation X crotch chops during a game. Embiid got fined $35,000 for celebrating during the team’s win over the Portland Trail Blazers earlier this week, and during the 2023 playoffs, Embiid got fined $25,000 for doing the same thing against the Brooklyn Nets.

On both occasions, Triple H used Twitter to reach out to the Sixers star, with their first interaction revolving around how he’ll help pay Embiid’s fines if he keeps doing it. And on Tuesday, Triple H decided to use this fine as an opportunity to invite Embiid to WrestleMania 40, which will take place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

Getting to watch L.A. Knight win the World Heavyweight Championship on Saturday night and the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on Sunday night — ed. note: Everyone at Uproxx Sports is L.A. Knight-pilled — would assuredly be a blast, but unfortunately, Embiid took to Twitter and told The Game that he’s not able to make it because he won’t be in Philadelphia.

Now, Embiid’s future with the Sixers is … let’s say something that people are paying attention to, so saying “I don’t think I’m gonna be in Philly for that” could raise some eyebrows. But Embiid (we assume) wasn’t trying to troll here, as the team is in Memphis and San Antonio, respectively, on both nights of WrestleMania. Here’s hoping that the Raw after WrestleMania happens at the Wells Fargo Center that Monday night so Embiid can attend that.