Joel Embiid Got So Bored During Kansas’ Loss To Villanova That He Asked Rihanna If She’s Single

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Joel Embiid went to Kansas, so he wasn’t exactly in the best mood on Saturday night. The Jayhawks went up against the Villanova Wildcats in the Final Four and got run off the floor, as Villanova rode some historically great three-point shooting to a 95-79 victory in the national semifinal.

Embiid was watching this a few hours after he got surgery to repair the orbital fracture he suffered earlier in the week, which apparently meant that he was given something to numb the pain in his face. I say apparently because no one thought to take Embiid’s phone away from him, and as you can guess, this led to him sending some tweets about the game in which he kinda strangely kept saying that he was high.

Once he was done commenting on basketball and comparing himself to Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight, Embiid turned his attention to a familiar subject: Rihanna. While Embiid has previously said he’s done trying to court her even though he’s now an All-Star, he decided to swing for the fences.

There’s no way that Embiid had a good day on Saturday, but who knows? Maybe he’ll get a response that he wants to hear from Rihanna and it’ll be all worth it.