Joel Embiid Dominated The Pistons’ Frontcourt Then Proudly Said He ‘Kicked Both Of Their Asses’

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Joel Embiid’s favorite foil might be Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond. This is for two reasons: The Sixers’ All-Star big man tends to have big performances against the Pistons’ center, sure, but he also really enjoys the verbal sparring that comes whenever the two players take the floor against one another.

The latest chapter in their feud came on Saturday afternoon, and by the time the dust settled, Philadelphia walked off their home floor with a 109-99 win and Embiid got more trash talking material. He established from the early going that he was out to make it a long day for Drummond, as he scored the game’s opening points by going right at his opponent.

Embiid attacked Drummond all night, as he used his mix of speed, power, and skill en route to one of the biggest games of his career.

By the half, Embiid had made a statement on both ends of the floor. While he went into the locker room with 32 points and eight rebounds, Drummond had no points and one board. No matter who the Pistons put on Embiid, whether it be Drummond or Zaza Pachulia, he was able to find success.

On the day, Embiid had 39 points on 10-for-18 shooting and an 18-for-23 clip from the free throw line. To boot, he pitched in 17 rebounds and a pair of blocks. Because he is Joel Embiid, though, the most entertaining part of the afternoon came after the clock hit zero. He first made it a point to talk some smack about both of his primary defender to the media.

Then, Embiid took to his Twitter account, repeating one of his go-to lines about his current living situation within the head of Drummond.

Embiid and Drummond will have some time to let their latest matchup marinade, as the next time they play is on March 7 in Detroit.