You Can See The Exact Moment Joel Embiid Realized ‘Raising The Cat’ Could Be A Shot At Karl Anthony-Towns

12.14.17 1 year ago

Getty Image

Joel Embiid got the best of Karl-Anthony Towns a few times over the last two days. First, Embiid and the Sixers took down Towns and the Timberwolves in overtime on Tuesday night, 118-112. One day later and the two sparred in an Instagram comment section, with Embiid posting something harmless, Towns replying and saying the picture and caption were trash, and Embiid roasting Towns’ defense.

The two are friends, so it’s not like this was malicious or anything. But it’s still really easy to take Embiid’s caption, in which he said “we ended up raising the cat,” as trash talk considering Towns’ nickname of KAT.

We’ll get to the origins of the phrase in the second, but as this video from a media session on Thursday shows, it doesn’t seem like Embiid even considered that phrasing things that way could have been taken as a slight against Towns.

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