Joel Embiid And Karl-Anthony Towns Are Going After Each Other In The Instagram Comments

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The Sixers managed to pull out a road overtime victory over the Timberwolves on Monday night in a 118-112 thriller. Joel Embiid led the way with 28 points and 12 rebounds, besting fellow star big man Karl-Anthony Towns in their highly anticipated matchup.

While Embiid and Towns went through the 53-minute contest without any incident, the two found themselves locked in a battle 24 hours later, trading jabs in the Instagram comments. Embiid’s post showed him finishing a layup after Eurostepping around Towns, and his caption read “Euro stepping our way through Minnesota and we ended up raising the cat last night #TheProcess.”

It is a pretty tepid celebratory post considering how much he’s trolled opponents in the past on social media — he even may have missed a raising the cat/KAT pun (or he meant to make it this subtle, who knows). In any case, Towns decided he’s hop in the comments and fire back at Joel over his “trash” comment and picture. Embiid, very quickly, responded by roasting Towns’ defense.

Once again, the lesson is to not come after Embiid on social media unless you’re really sure you have the best joke possible. Because if you leave the door open for him to comeback at you with something better, you can bet he’s going to dunk on you with a response.