Jordan Bell Ran Out Of Hennessy At The Warriors Parade But Got More From The Crowd

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The Warriors held their championship parade on Tuesday in Oakland, celebrating back-to-back titles and their third championship in four years. In a way, it has become a habit to have a Warriors parade in June.

Those veterans of the Warriors’ championship teams had their fun, like Draymond Green trolling LeBron James with his shirt selection once again, but it was the newcomers that were truly living the dream. Nick Young arrived, still shirtless, in a robe with a cigar for the celebration, while rookie Jordan Bell was very much enjoying his first title.

While most of the Warriors were busy spraying and sipping champagne, Bell had moved on to something a bit stronger for his celebration as he broke out the bottle of Hennessy on his bus. However, as he poured up his friends during the parade, he quickly ran out. But lucky for Bell, someone in the crowd was wise enough to have brought their own bottle of the Henny and shared their bounty with the rookie center in the best moment of the parade.

Look at the delight on Bell’s face when he realizes someone else in the crowd has a half full bottle of Hennessy, causing him to dart to the stairs and down to the street where he goes through the barricade to take a swig. Bell wasn’t done there, informing the broadcast that “I’m on that Henn” now and then darting back to the same fan for one more sip before returning to his bus.

Every year there’s a championship parade MVP, and while most probably expected that to be Swaggy P, I think Jordan Bell has earned that honor this year.