Kevin Love Is Frustrated About Missing The All-Star Game For The Second Straight Year Due To An Injury

02.03.18 1 year ago

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Kevin Love has fallen victim to some really terrible luck over the last few years. Last season, the All-Star big man had to miss the game when he needed surgery on his knee. One year later and, well, the same thing happened, only this year, Love went down with a broken hand.

It’s a brutal situation for Love, as he’s been honored each of the last two years but hasn’t gotten the chance to participate in the game. It’s so tough that Love summed his entire situation up pretty succinctly before Cleveland’s game against Houston on Saturday night.

“It’s just one of those unlucky sh*t luck kind of things. You can quote me on that,” Love said, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN. “It’s frustrating. It’s not just All-Star, it’s missing time. When I looked at (Cavs trainer) Steve Spiro kind of walking off the court I said, ‘I know this feeling, this sucks, I can’t believe it. Two years in a row’.”

If it sounds like Love is in a kinda rough place right now, well, that’s because he is. He continued to speak about his injury and mentioned that he’s at a point where he’s looking for silver linings.

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