Klay Thomoson Had A Hilariously Nonsensical Answer To An On-Court Interview

12.15.18 6 months ago

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On-court interviews are hard. Not everyone can have the awkward yet entertaining grace of Gregg Popovich when the sideline reporter asks questions between quarters. Klay Thompson is usually pretty good at them, though he was not on Friday night.

The Warriors traveled to Sacramento to play the Kings, who welcomed the terrestrial basketball champions with a fun introduction video. Once all that was settled, though, there was a game to talk about. During a stoppage in play, Kerith Burke asked Klay Thompson a question.

“Klay what are you noticing about the energy and the ball movement tonight that’s helping you unlock the three ball?” Burke asked.

Thompson’s thoughts must have been elsewhere, though, as the response was a bit delayed and didn’t exactly make much sense.

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