Count Klay Thompson Among Those Who Want The NBA To ‘Bring Back Our Sonics’

Klay Thompson is working his way back to the basketball court. After each of the last two seasons were taken away from the Golden State Warriors’ sharpshooting wing due to injuries, Thompson has spent the early part of this season on the road to recovery, and it’s believed that he hopes to suit back up for the Dubs sometime before Christmas.

While Thompson’s been going through this, he’s carved out a niche as the NBA’s premier boat guy. Thompson will go live on Instagram while he’s on a boat, navigating the open waters with vibes that are absolutely pristine. In his latest video, Thompson explored the high seas and expressed his belief that the fine city of Seattle, Washington deserves to get an NBA team again.

“Bring back our Sonics!” Thompson exclaimed. “Seattle deserves a team. Give Seattle our team back. Bring back our Sonics!”

Thompson, of course, went to Washington State and spent time in Lake Oswego, Oregon as a child, which is a few hours away from Seattle. He actually grew up a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers — his dad, Mychal, played for the team growing up — but wanting the Sonics back in Seattle transcends any type of fandom.